AMSOIL P.I. Performance Improver Concentrate


October 20th, 2012

AMSOIL’s P.i. is a performance improver concentrate that improves fuel economy, reduces port fuel injector deposits, combustion chamber deposits, and intake valve deposits in all vehicles tested.

Untreated Fuel

When a vehicle is new, it demonstrates its best engine performance and efficiency. As time goes on, an engine’s performance declines due to the deposits which form on the combustion chamber, intake valves, and fuel injectors. To control those deposits, you need to use additives. Fuels today don’t contain the high-quality additives or amounts of additives needed to do so.

Fuel system deposits result in lost power and fuel economy, inadequate throttle response, engine knocking, engine rap, failed emission tests, difficult starts, and poor drivability.

Treated Fuel

AMSOIL Performance Improver cleans the combustion chambers, port fuel injectors, and intake valves. It helps maintain your engine’s fuel economy, optimizes engine efficiency, drivability and power in newer, low-mileage vehicles. In older vehicles with built-up deposits, just one tank of gas with AMSOIL Performance Improver Concentrate added will:

  • Restore performance and power.
  • Offer better drivability.
  • Improve fuel mileage up to almost 6%.
  • Reduce nitrous oxide emissions up to 17%.
  • Reduce carbon monoxide emissions up to 26%.
  • Reduce hydrocarbons up to 15%.
  • Provide smoother operation.
  • Reduce the need for expensive higher-octane fuel.
  • Reduce noise from pre-ignition and carbon rap.

Before an emissions test, use AMSOIL P.i. It’s known to work as an “emissions passer.”

Fuel Injector Deposits

When the engine shuts down and there’s no gas passing through the injectors is when port fuel injector deposits form. This happens because the injectors get hot and basically cook the remaining fuel into deposits. These deposits form fairly quickly, particularly when you make short trips and use poor-quality fuel. Even minimal deposits can cause noticeable degradations in performance and cause malfunctions. Spray patterns and fuel flow is reduced, which decreases fuel economy, power, engine efficiency, and increases emissions.

Intake Valve Deposits

Intake valve deposits form on the back or intake side of valves, and as they grow, they alter airflow patterns and restrict airflow in the cylinder. They can also cause valve sticking, disrupt the air/fuel ratio, and restrict proper seating. They cause increased emissions, lost engine power, potential valve failure, and poor engine efficiency.

Combustion Chamber Deposits

This type of deposit forms on the cylinder heads and on top of the pistons. Combustion chamber deposits absorb heat during the combustion cycle, increase compression, and release heat later in the intake cycle. It can cause carbon rap. These deposits can flake off, with the flakes getting stuck between the valve seat and the valves, which can cause difficulty starting, compression loss, and rough idling.

Maximum Fuel Economy

AMSOIL Performance Improver Concentrate dissolves and removes these deposits, maximizing fuel efficiency, performance, and power.


Use one bottle of P.i. for full tanks of fuel up to 20 gallons. For extra-large tanks, fill up to 40 gallons and use two bottles of AMSOIL P.i. Do not use more than two bottles. Treat every 4,000 miles of service, or every 100 hours for stationary, marine, and off-road gas-powered engines. AMSOIL P.i is safe for use with oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, 10% ethanol blended gas, and oxygenated gas. Not recommended for use with two-cycle engines.


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