AMSOIL Quickshot SE


October 29th, 2012

AMSOIL Quickshot SE (AQS) will work to restore peak performance back to powersports equipment and small engines.

In powersports equipment and small engines, degraded fuel can cause major maintenance problems when it forms insoluble debris, gum, and varnish. These things can clog your fuel filters, carburetors, and fuel injectors. Additionally, it can lead to carbon buildup on top of the pistons, which will lead to poor throttle response, rough idling, and pre-ignition. These problems with degraded fuel will only increase as the ethanol content in gasoline will likely increase in the coming years.

AMSOIL Quickshot SE has been formulated as a premium fuel additive to clean and restore your powersports equipment fuel systems and small engines to peak performance. It will stabilize the fuel between each use and in the event of short-term storage timeframes. AQS works to focus on the three most common fuel-related issues: dirty gasoline, water, and ethanol.

Dirty Pump Gas

Dirty gas can cause varnish, combustion chamber and piston deposits, and gumming. Even with an LAC (lowest additive concentration) of detergent additives being added to all gas sold in the United States, it’s not enough. These deposits still build up on your small engine or powersports equipment fuel system parts. AQS contains a unique formulation that will break off and carry away the buildups and deposits in injectors, carburetors, and fuel systems. It simultaneously cleans hard-to-remove deposits on your combustion chamber parts, spark plugs, and piston tops.


Through condensation, gas pumps, and other environmental conditions, water finds its way into the gas tank of your powersports equipment and small engine equipment. If left untreated, that water can cause corrosion, performance problems, and starting issues. Quickshot SE protects your engine against corrosion and maintains the engine’s performance via a process in which it keeps the water in the tank dispersed in tiny molecules. This water is then moved out of the tank via the combustion chamber.


In fuel tanks, ethanol is inclined to absorb water, separate from the gasoline, and sink to the bottom of the tank. There, it creates varnish, debris, and gum as it degrades. These buildups can affect engine performance when it inhibits fuel flow from the tank. When this mix of water and ethanol gets pulled into the engine, a lean burn situation is created. This increases the combustion chamber temps and can cause engine damage. As described in the “Water” section, AMSOIL Quickshot SE keeps water dispersed throughout the fuel tank and moves it out of the tank through the combustion chamber as a part of the engine’s operation. This decreases the chance that the ethanol in the fuel will separate from the gasoline and bond with the water.

Quickshot SE was tested in 10% ethanol gasoline, where plugged injectors experienced a 70% flow improvement and oxidation stability improved 44% compared to untreated fuel.


AQS is recommended for use in all motorcycles, personal watercraft, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, mowers, tillers, snowblowers, construction and farm equipment, generators, an chainsaws: in all two-and four-stroke gasoline-powered engines. For passenger vehicle applications, use AMSOIL P.i Performance Improver.

For the first dose, use eight ounces of Quickshot SE for every six gallons of gasoline. Thereafter, use eight ounces for every 12 gallons of gasoline.


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