The Advantage of Amsoil in Cold Weather

Conventional oils are very susceptible to change from weather and load conditions. While some of the country enjoys mild to warm weather all year, most of us have to deal with winter, and along with winter comes extreme cold. Unfortunately in times of cold weather, conventional oils usually thicken which can cause a host of problems for an engine. With the oil being thicker, it means there is that much more stress on the engine to keep its lubricated parts moving. Simply put, the thickening of the oil provides more resistance against your engines moving parts. The whole point of oil is to keep your system well lubricated and ultimately reduce resistance and strain.

Amsoil is extremely resistant to change during times of cold weather. Amsoil has utilized the pour point test to help demonstrate its excellent resistance to cold. Lubricants that have a lower pour point will perform better in times of extreme cold. In this particular test, Amsoil had the lowest pour point at -54 degrees.

Click on the thumbnail below for actual test results

Amsoil Pour Point Test


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