Amsoil Dealer Opportunities and Details

The Amsoil opportunity is all about flexibility. On this page you can read all about the different options you have for growing and running your Amsoil business. Because Amsoil is 100% independent dealers, the company itself has an amazing support network and system in place for making dealers jobs easier. Read on to learn everything about the Amsoil dealer opportunity.

Amsoil Income Opportunities

There are basically four different ways from which Amsoil dealers can produce an income for their business. With Amsoil, dealers generate income either through retail profits or commission credits, both of which will be explained below. Here are the four ways Amsoil Dealers make money:

  • Personal Retail Sales
  • Catalog and Internet Sales
  • Retail On the Shelf Accounts
  • Commercial Accounts
  • Sponsoring New Amsoil Dealers

Below is a detailed explanation of each type of revenue stream and how a dealer makes money in each situation.

Personal Retail Sales

Personal retail sales are the simplest way you will make money as an Amsoil dealer. With personal retail sales you purchase Amsoil products at dealer cost and then resell them to your customers for a profit. You can choose how much you want to sell the products for and ultimately how much you profit from retail sales is completely up to you. Selling Amsoil products from your home or place of business is completely up to you.

Some dealers don't keep any stock and simply choose to refer their dealers to the catalog or their retail accounts, but ultimately most find that keeping some Amsoil in stock is usually a good decision. Many people still prefer to buy with a handshake and do the transaction in person, by keeping in demand products available, you will be able to satisfy pretty much any customer that comes to you looking for Amsoil. Keep in mind that personal retail sales go beyond selling from your home or place of business. You can sell Amsoil at trade shows, sponsor a booth at a local race track, or work out any number ways to put Amsoil in the hands of your customers.

Catalog and Internet Sales

Catalog sales are the driving force behind many successful businesses and Amsoil is no different. With catalog sales, you distribute Amsoil retail catalogs to your customers and then get credit when they place an order. You can distribute catalogs at trade shows, door to door, at special events or even through direct mailing. The bottom line is that by putting the Amsoil catalog in a qualified customers hands you can increase your chances of making a sale. When customers order from the catalog, the representative will always ask for the referral number on the back of the catalog. As a dealer you place your number there and then will get credit once the order is placed. When a customer makes an order through the retail catalog you get the retail profit markup as well as commission credits.

Internet sales are very similar to catalog sales, but customers place the order through the Amsoil Online store located at Like catalog sales, you receive the retail profit markup and commission credits when a customer purchases through the web site. Referring customers to the web site for purchase can be handled either by referring customers to the Amsoil web site from your own personal Authorized Amsoil Dealer Web site or by referring them to using the special link structure that Amsoil provides to dealers. Either way, the internet is an excellent way to start your Amsoil business and meet your customers needs.

Retail On The Shelf Accounts

If you have ever walked into a store and found a display of Amsoil, it's because another Amsoil dealer went their first and signed up that store for an Amsoil retail account. Gas stations, auto parts stores, hardware stores and marinas are just a few places that could greatly benefit by having Amsoil on their shelves for sale. As a dealer, you can approach these businesses and take the necessary steps to make that happen. Once you have successfully signed up a store with a retail account, you will receive commission credits and a cash commission for all the oil that retail account purchases. Retail accounts are a great way to grow your Amsoil business into a powerhouse!

Commercial Accounts

Commercial accounts are an easy and low hassle way to expand your Amsoil business and help out local businesses. School districts, police departments and trucking companies are just a few examples of the types of companies that could benefit by an Amsoil commercial account. Let' t take a small police department that has ten squad cars in their fleet. Most likely they are getting oil changes every 3000 miles and getting low quality conventional lubricants at best.

Now, imagine that you approach that police department and tell them that by switching to Amsoil they will reduce the amount of oil they use, save their department money and increase fleet performance. It would take a real stubborn police chief to say no to that proposition! The bottom line is that with the Amsoil commercial program, you can approach local companies with vehicle fleets and show them the money saving and performance improving gains they will get by using Amsoil. Commercial accounts are able to purchase Amsoil products at wholesale prices and dealers make both a cash commission and commission credits from those sales.

Sponsoring New Amsoil Dealers

Once you have a foothold on your Amsoil business, you will want to grow your enterprise by sponsoring new dealers. New dealers you sponsor are people just like you who are looking for an excellent income opportunity and realize the benefits of a superior product. Sponsoring new dealers is the best way to insure that your Amsoil business will provide you an excellent income for the rest of you and your families lives.

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