Extended Drain Intervals and How Amsoil Saves You Money!

One of the most exciting advantages of using Amsoil synthetic motor oil is the not only do you benefit with superior performance, you also save money by reducing the amount of times you have to change your oil in a given period. Conventional oil companies business plans revolve around pushing customers to change their oil every 3,000 miles. This is costly and unnecessary. Why not switch to an oil that lasts longer, improves engine performance AND saves you money?

Amsoil premium synthetic motor oils only require changing annually or every 25,000 miles in most situations. Ultimately you will use a lot less oil over the life of your vehicle and the savings will be immense.

Here is Exactly How Amsoil Saves You Money

  • Let's assume a quart of oil costs $3.00 and regular oil filter costs $5.00
  • If you were to drive 25,000 miles per year, and your vehicle required five quarts of oil per change, then you would need forty quarts of oil and eight oil filters, the total cost for this would be $160.
  • Amsoil synthetic motor oil provides one year, 25,000 mile drain intervals for most situations.
  • This means you will spend just about $70 per year for oil and a filter, saving almost $100 in oil costs.
  • In addition to the financial savings, you will benefit from improved gas mileage, less engine wear and lower emissions.


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