Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Amsoil provides an outstanding line of motorcycle lubrication products. From lubrication to filtration, Amsoil makes a product that will greatly increase the performance of your bike and reduce your down time.

Important Motorcycle Oil Considerations
Amsoil Motorcycle Lubrication Recommendations
Amsoil Motorcycle Filtration Recommendations

Important Motorcycle Oil Considerations

Conventional oil companies for a long time have treated the lubrication needs of motorcycle engines no differently than that of regular two or four stroke engines. Unfortunately this has meant sub par lubrication for motorcycles for some time, simply because motorcycle engines are indeed much different than four or two stroke engines in other applications. Luckily, in May of 2009, Amsoil concluded one of the most in depth studies of motorcycle oils ever done and made several important realizations.

For starters, let's look at some of the key differences that motorcycle engines posses when compared to other engines.

Operational RPM's:

Motorcycle engines consistently run much faster than conventional engines. When an engine is running at higher RPM's there are many significant issues that occur. Oil foaming is more common, engine wear is increased and the oil is exposed to higher shear forces. Take for example a high performance Motorcycle such as a Honda CBR or a Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14, these motorcycles will produce anywhere from 9,500 to 11,000 RPM's at peak horsepower, significantly more than most automobile engines.


Motorcycles in general have a much higher horsepower to cubic inch ratio, resulting in higher engine temperatures and added stress.

Variation in Operating Temperature:

Automobiles have benefited from consistent, liquid cooling technology for some time. While motorcycles often have some type of liquid cooling as well, they many times also use a hybrid system that combines liquid and air cooling or some other method. Ultimately this results in greater fluctuations in engine temperature thus putting added stress on not only the engine, but the lubrication as well.

Combined Lubrication Needs

Lubricating motorcycles can be a challenge because in many models there is a reservoir that lubricates both the engine and the transmission, meaning they are both lubricated from the same oil. Ultimately this means that while one oil might be optimum for the engine, it could be less than ideal for the transmission or vice versa.

As you can see, the operating conditions of motorcycle engines are much different than most automobile engines. The bottom line is that they run faster, have more demanding lubrications needs and also many times have to satisfy the needs of multiple systems with one type of oil. The need for a specialized, designable oil is quite apparent. The bottom line is that Amsoil has designed a series of top quality synthetic motorcycle oils that provide amazing protection and give your bike the kind of protection it needs.

Amsoil Motorcycle Lubrication

Amsoil has written the book on motorcycle lubrication and provides and amazing product line that will keep your bike running great for years.

Amsoil SAE 60 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Amsoil's newest motorcycle offering is perfect for older bikes and Harley Davidson's that require a heavier oil. This product is wet clutch compatible and was designed specifically to meet the unique demands of motorcycle engines and their supporting equipment.

Amsoil 10W-30, 10W-40 and 20W-50 Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oils

Amsoil's Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle oils are all designed to handle the unique and varying situations present on motorcycles new and old. All advanced synthetic lubricants are wet clutch compatible, work in both foreign and domestic bikes and will work with either air or liquid cooled systems.

Amsoil Motorcycle Filtration

Amsoil has written the book on motorcycle lubrication and provides and amazing product line that will keep your bike running great for years.

Amsoil EA Motorcycle Oil Filters

Amsoil's manufactures superior filtration products for nearly every make and model of bike available both foreign and domestic. Amsoil's advanced nanofiber media is the pinnacle of filtration technology and will offer supreme protection for your motorcycle. Amsoil EA filters are recommended for use alongside Amsoil synthetic motorcycle lubricants and will greatly extend the life of your oil and the life of your engine.


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