Synthetic Oil Explained

Amsoil synthetic lubricants provide a host of benefits for almost any application. We will dive into the science behind sythetic lubricants more in a moment, but for now realize that putting Amsoil to use in your equipment will give you the following amazing benefits:

  • Parts and equipment will last longer
  • Fewer repairs are required
  • Lower emissions and cleaner exhaust
  • More response and power
  • Better fuel economy

As you can see, the benefits Amsoil provides are hard to ignore. As in most things with life however, it is hard to accept something blindly without really digging into the facts. So lets talk a little bit more about Amsoil synthetic oil and find out just why it works so well.

The major advantage and difference that Amsoil synthetics have over conventional oils is that they are pure. Synthetic lubricants are made from 100% pure chemicals and contain no outside contaminants or molecules. Simply put, everything in a synthetic lubricant is there for a purpose, you won't find any foreign contaminants that simply take up space and reduce efficiency. The ultimate benefit of this purity is an oil that lubricates better than a conventional one. Because of the uniformity of the molecules, Amsoil synthetics provide resistance free lubrication, whereas conventional oils simply cannot compare due to the nature of the contaminants and inconsistency of their molecules and components. Longer engine life, reduced wear and added power are just a few of the great benefits that come along!

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Amsoil Performance Test Amsoil Performance Test

Another excellent benefit that comes with the purity of synthetics is their amazing resistance to thinning in heat and thickening in the cold. Weather has a huge impact on the performance of conventional oils, but a natural advantage to Amsoil synthetics is their natural resistance to the problem causing changes brought on by weather. Read our article on cold starting with Amsoil for more information on this.

Perhaps you have heard the term viscosity when researching or buying oil. Viscosity is an important factor for motor oil. Viscosity is a measure of fluid flow and with oil it is very important that your product not only has the right viscosity for your application, but that it is able to maintain that viscosity throughout the range of service loads and temperatures it will experience. Amsoil has a very high viscosity index meaning that it is much more resistant to losing the proper viscosity for your application. Ultimately Amsoil synthetics are much more resistant to change during extreme conditions than conventional oil.

The bottom line is that synthetic lubricants naturally perform better than conventional oils for a variety of reasons. The very design of Amsoil synthetics provides for superior lubrication and ultimately less maintenance and expense.


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